Timothy is a cloud based documentation system. Timothy will document any endeavor because it will store not only the documents created during the project but also store information about those files.


Like most storge schemes timothy creates a hierarchy of categories through which one may browse. Timothy displays information about the document or category as well as its name. This use of meta data explains the structure and content of the project to the user as he browses.

Users make better informed decisions about where to file a document when this information is available to them. It also suggests where to look for a long lost document.


Timothy offers five functions:

Display the root of the document tree.
Uploads a file to timothy
Creates a new category
Displays the current category
Searches the meta

Why Timothy

Louis Timothy was a partner of Benjamin Franklin and the first paid librarian of the Philadelphia Library Company, and in what became the US. I found him at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Timothee.