Winnie and the Warlock

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This was an exercise in alliteration for a beginning writing course at Penn State approximately 100 years ago. It’s not very good—well, it’s pretty awful—but by golly, it’s alliterative, and it was a lot more fun to write than the 50-word paragraph the professor (yes, a real professor) asked for.

Winnie and the Warlock

“Winnie, thou art a whale of a wench,
“Watch while with one wild whisk of my wand
Winter and War whistle in with the wind.”

“Willie’s the weirdest of Western warlocks;
Would I were welcome where women walk,”
“It’s weary I wax of the ones who work here,
Weary of wizard, werewolf, and witch,
Weary of wolfbane, wand, and ward.
I want to wing away from the web.”

The wizard’s wrath was wrought to a wail—
Where the Witching Wall meets with the West?
Well, wander whither thou wouldst go,
When men won’t worship and watch over thee.
And whilst thou wander, ’ware the witch,
’Ware the wolfbane, warp and woof;