A Letter from Daly Camp Christmas

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Ho, ho, ho!*

To: Mom_and_Dad@yahoo
From: BubbaB@DalyCampChristmas.net

Dear Mom and Dad

How are you I am fine? How is skiing in Gstaad? Camp is okay better than hanging around a ski lodge.

There are three cats here. Froth hunts mice and picks fights Moonshine hides. Habib eats and hangs around Counselor Kate.

Counselor Bill's a slumlord he works for Friends Rehab. He's teaching me to juggle.

Counselor Kate is an editor she said she would help me with spelling and punkchuation but Izzy said she did it for him and he didn't reckanize his letter when she was done so I don't think so. Ennyway, we make cookies a lot. After the first time she put the hot pepper sauce way up high where I can't reach it I guess they don't like Mexican food.

Counselor Nell is home for Christmas from Boston University she's 21. She said she'd teach me to make scrambled eggs she'll let me put in the hot pepper sauce.

I gotta go it's time for KP. At home Cook never lets me help with the dishes but Counselor Kate says I can't break anything it's all indestrucktable is that the right word? Plastic ennyway.

No need to rush home just because school is starting next week Counselor Kate is on the board of Newtown Friends it's a Quaker school can I go there? I could live here with the cats and not get under Cook's feet.

Your son Bubba Beauregard

P.S. Thanks for the Christmas presents Counselor Bill is threatening to rent a storage locker for them but I think it's a joke.

*Make that heh, heh, heh!

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