Well, dang

Well, dang. Sometimes a person just happens to say something and then
other things happen. Sometimes the first person never knows that he or
she started something, even after seeing the aftermath. But that won’t
happen here; I’m about to tip off the person who happened to say
something, right in the next paragraph but one.

One of our admirers (yes, we have two)  told Bill he enjoyed “our”
(Bill and Kate’s) blog.

Welp. It’s Bill’s blog, Phil. I’m just horning in. Bill invited this
camel’s nose under the tent when he asked me to copyedit the first
one. But Bill is a kind and generous soul, and he proposed that we
change the name to Kate and Bill’s Blog, or maybe Bill and Kate’s
Blog. He’s polite, too, so he probably actually said Kate and
Bill’s. Whatever.

Now, Bill’s Blog is one thing. It is what it is, as folks are fond of
saying. I never questioned the name, never put my oar in, never even
thought about it. Because It’s Not Mine. And it is exactly, perfectly,
what he would and should and did name his blog.

However. Bill and Kate’s Blog? Reorder it as you will, alphabetic
perhaps: And Bill Blog Kate’s. Better. Not so boring. But maybe
not. What if the Innuendo Police get after us?

Then I had what passes for a thought: How about The Average Crap?

It’s a phrase from a movie. You have one week to identify the movie
and the speaker, both actor and character. If we’ve heard from you by
then, you may vote on whether to rename this blog The Average Crap;
and furthermore, you may suggest up to three alternatives, including
no change.

Alas, to avoid being inundated—that is, to avoid having to read two
emails—we must limit even our sincerest well-wishers to three
suggestions. Also, it greatly reduces the odds that someone will come
up with a suggestion far, far better than The Average Crap. Something
good enough that I would perforce have to cave and go for it.

I have prepared five hints. You may email me at hammerwaterkate@gmail.com for one hint per day maximum.

Here’s a freebie: they won’t help much.

In case you’re wondering what the opening paragraph was about, it was about the giant pain in the ass that renaming the blog would be. We might have to do it right or something. Thanks so much, Phil.

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