Ground Hog Day 2019

We’re half way through winter. The temperature outside is 24. The weather men are forecasting mid 50s by the middle of next week.

In keeping with our family traditions, I am preparing my new year’s resolutions.

At the top of my list is doing something about FACEBOOK, APPLE and GOOGLE. Today I learned that Apple had shutoff all iPhone developer applications over a privacy breach. Both Facebook and Google were effected. The emergency is over and the coders at all three went back to useful work.

The first question I asked my self was: Why should Apple be able to control some program I use on equipment I own?

My second was: Can Google do this too? (My phone uses the Android operating system.)

Lets not labor these points. Its not an issue of how to control the behavior of these behemoths. The issue is: Why do we let them in the first place? There are other alternatives on the web, we should use them.

So I’m undertaking to find these alternatives and will start with a web site.

Daly Web and Edit has two: and Both sites try to provide information about our businesses and what you can expect from us. They were not difficult to set up nor maintain. Their cost is modest.

That’s the first issue. Are you willing to spend a small amount of money to free yourself from the tyranny of Apple, Google and Facebook? There are any number of hosting companies and their fees are modest. Many of them have easily learned systems to create and manage your website.

For the non-technical user, this blog is a good alternative. Our host for offers WordPress. Orignally blogging software, wordpress also can act as a content management system. has some sample websites to inspire you.

A slightly more difficult solution is the ftp site. On these sites one writes the web pages on one’s computer and transfers them to the hosting site. Many hosts have a web based file management system to compliment using an ftp client on your own computer.

I code the html directly, it isn’t difficult. There are plenty of html editors, including microsoft word, that provide a wysiwyg interface. Your browser will show you the pages on your local disk drive as well as your website.

You could create a page today. When I finally got the pictures off my phone and onto my computer I created this:

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